Welcome to The Happy Puppy Club!


Congratulations on your new puppy!

Sign ups begin May 2021

This new chapter is going to be full of love, puppy kisses, and tail wags!

We have created The Happy Puppy Club because we believe in helping your puppy grow up

to be a happy and confident dog

While training is important, the most important part of puppyhood is

healthy socialization.


Your puppy’s socialization window is SHORT.

The part of the brain responsible for socialization finishes developing between

16 and 18 weeks.

If you want to avoid potential behavioral problems down the line, it is crucial to

socialize your puppy before that window closes.

While your puppy is in our care, we are going to expose him to all sorts of exciting things

that he will likely experience in the real world! 

Here are a few examples:

sounds, hats, textures, a bike, skateboards, all kinds of people, etc. 

Playtime is also a key component to help your puppy develop into

a happy and confident dog!

Since The Happy Puppy Club takes place where we are already having daycare,

your puppy will be able to have play time with very

friendly, polite, and fully vaccinated adult dogs.

We have worked with most of these adult dogs since they were puppies,

ensuring we know them well

and your puppy's safety is our utmost priority.

Many programs only have puppies play with other puppies, making it harder for your

puppy to learn proper play skills.

Having your puppy play with adult dogs teaches him healthy play manners. 

Now let’s talk training!

We only use Positive Reinforcement Training tools.

Using Positive reinforcement training helps your puppy not only want to learn,

but also keeps him motivated to want to work with you!

Our goal with The Happy Puppy Club is to teach your puppy

all the essential cues:




Go to your bed,

Leash walking skills,

Leave it.

In addition to learning cues, we will give your puppy a jump start on

potty training & crate training.

To learn more about Positive Reinforcement Training, please explore our website! 

Who did we create The Happy Puppy Club for??

We take puppies as young as 9 weeks, up to 7 months,

with the following requirements:

second round of vaccines

one round of Bordetella

a negative fecal test for Giardia


 on flea prevention.

What’s the schedule like? 

For three months, you will drop your puppy off Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

between 8:30-9:30 am with pick up between 3-4 pm.

Since it is very important for YOU to work with your puppy, we will be having a

puppy class every other Friday that we highly recommend each owner attends.

This will give you a puppy community that you can have playdates with,

allow you to keep up with training at home,


have all your questions answered by our certified trainers. 

One last added benefit to mention is that

The Happy Puppy Club becomes your pups home away from home!

Since your pup will be familiar with us from being here as a puppy,

daycare and boarding will be like visiting his second home.

Here at A Bark Idea we pride ourselves on getting to know each dog as if they were our own!

While in our care, your pup can continue training,

maintain healthy dog & people friendships,


even go on outdoor adventures with our experienced dog hiker!


The Happy Puppy Club rate break down.

36 days of daycare & training,

6 puppy classes with a certified trainer,

proper socialization,

a daily update,

at home training materials,


one happy puppy! 



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