We know you are very curious about how things work at A Bark Idea

and this is a great place to start.  

If all of your questions aren't answered after reading these, feel free to give us a call or email!

  •  I’m interested in bringing my dog to A Bark Idea, what do I do first???

             We would love to chat with you about the possibility of your dog joining us! However, we do have some requirements first…

             We have new client paperwork, vet requirements, and temperament test requirements that we need to take care of!

             We suggest calling, texting, or emailing us to get all of this squared away!

  • Can I bring my pup to meet your daycare dogs before they join A Bark Idea? 

             As excited as we are to meet you and your pup, our main priority is the well being of the dogs already in our care.

             Visitors, as I'm sure you can guess, make our dogs go a little crazy! In order to keep our pups relaxed and stress free,

             no tours or dog greets during daycare hours.

  • What is a temperament day?

             To ensure your pup is able to get along with our other pups, and get comfortable with us and our facility, we require a

             trial day of daycare before we can agree to regularly joining us! This day is a normal day of daycare, but we introduce your

             pup slowly, giving them the space and time they need to get comfortable. It usually takes a day for a new dog to come out of

             their shell, but if your dog is truly unable to get comfortable here, we will let you know that we may not be the best fit!

             We never want to cause pups unnecessary stress. 

  • What do I need to pack for my dogs first overnight/boarding at A Bark Idea? 

             Please ONLY pack your pups leash, food, and any medication. We have plenty of bowls, dog beds, crates, blankets etc.

             We have designed our store to truly be your dogs home away from home, so we have all your dogs favorites! 

  • Will someone be staying overnight with my dog?

             Of course! We never leave our pups alone overnight. On occasion, however, we may need to do normal human things like

             go to the grocery store.


  • Will you send us updates?

             We LOVE keeping our dog parents up to date on how their pup is doing, who their pup is becoming buddies with,

             and how cute their dog is being! With this being said, our priority is to be with the dogs, so we send 1-2 updates

             a day, maximum, for both daycare and boarding. Please only expect updates during the day and remember... no news

             is good news! 

  • I need to board my dog but I’m worried they may be sick, can I still board them?

             For the health and safety of your dog and all of the dogs at our facility, we do not permit any dog joining us that may

             have a contagious disease or active diarrhea until cleared by a veterinarian.

  • Can my dog get sick at A Bark Idea?

             We keep our store SQUEAKY clean by using veterinary recommended pet safe cleaning solutions, and we are cleaning

             ALL THE TIME. We disinfect our turf regularly, we disinfect our water bowls with every fill up, we disinfect after every

             poop we pick up, the list goes on! With this being said, however, sometimes bugs go around. So what do we do to keep

             everyone safe? We ask all our clients to keep us informed of ANY and ALL symptoms that come up with their pup.

             Kennel Cough is something we take very seriously. Even though all of our clients are up to date on their Bordetella

             vaccinations, this can still spread in any setting when there are multiple dogs. If we are informed about a dog coughing,

             that dog is asked be cleared by their vet before returning to us. Another common bug that spreads when there are

             multiple dogs is Giardia. Giardia is a single-celled parasite that lives in a dog’s intestine. This can sometimes be the

             culprit of diarrhea. Although we require a negative Giardia test for all new pups coming to us, this infection can be

             picked up ANYWHERE. Many adult dogs build up an immunity to this bug, but sometimes a dog can get sick with this

             and needs to be put on medication by their vet. We work very closely with a local vet in Redondo Beach to ensure we are

             doing our very best to keep our dogs safe and healthy. We will continue to notify our clients of any confirmed cases of

             Giardia or Kennel Cough their pup may have been exposed to.

  • How many dogs will be there?

             We pride ourselves in being able to care for our pups as if they were our own dogs. This means we are much smaller than

             your average boarding facility, helping your dog feel as if he/she were staying at their home away from home instead of a

             massive dog hotel. 

  • Where will my dog sleep? 

             If your pup is crate trained, we have lots of clean crates. If your dog is not crate trained, we have two rooms with cozy

             nooks that each dog can rest in individually! If your pup feels more comfortable in our living space, then your pup is going

             to cozy up there for the night. Wherever your dog is able to rest soundly and have happy dreams is where we will have them


  • What time can I bring my dog to A Bark Idea??

             -Monday – Thursday you can drop your pup off to us for daycare, puppy school, or boarding anytime after 7:30 am, with

              our latest pick up being at 6 pm. Please be advised that we have a late fee if you are late more than twice! We try our best

              to be flexible but this is not always the case.

             -Friday – Sunday you can drop off or pick up your pup for boarding between 9am and 12 noon. We will try our best to work

              with you if you need an earlier drop off time, however, this is not always guaranteed! 

  • What are the requirements for my dog to join A Bark Idea?

             We only take dog friendly pups and require up to date proof of vaccinations (DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella, and leptospirosis

             as of October 2021), flea prevention, and depending on your pup’s age, they must be spayed/neutered.

  • Does my dog need to be fixed to join A Bark Idea?

             We require any dog older than 9 months be spayed/neutered. Although vet suggestions typically say 1 year, some dogs

             show behavioral issues as they get older and are not fixed (marking, guarding, etc.) and we emphasize the safety of all

             the pups with us. With our puppy clients, we will do our best to continue taking your pup before they are fixed until

             they begin showing signs of marking or guarding. We do not take females that are in heat.