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Meet the
A Bark Idea



Hi I am Cami! My love affair with dogs started the day I was born. My first day home from the hospital, I was greeted by Si-Beau, a fawn Shar Pei who loved to cuddle and followed me everywhere as I took my first steps. Si-Beau was by my side from my first steps to my first day of school. My family and I lost Si-Beau in April of 1997 which, as you know, is one of the hardest parts of owning a dog.


One of my very favorite childhood memories was on Christmas Day in 1997. My dad arrived with a “box of clothes to donate.” As he walked up the driveway, my older sister started squealing with happiness as a small Bullmastiff puppy popped his head out from under an old t-shirt. That puppy, turned into a 140 pound hunk of a dog named Oscar, who spent 10 years practicing soccer with me, stole my heart, and solidified my passion for working with dogs. He was one of my very best friends.

In high school, I walked rescue dogs for a local rescue organization, as well as regularly visited the shelter pups and brought them tasty treats. I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada.

Growing up in Southern California, adjusting to the rainy, grey weather in Vancouver was not easy for me one bit. I realized I needed to make some type of change to help me get use to the rainy weather, so I began fostering for HugABull a rescue group, which specializes in rescuing Bully breeds – mostly American Pit Bull Terriers.

During the three years that I fostered these sweet pitties, over a dozen dogs found a warm place to rest their head in my home until they found forever families. As you can see from my brief history, I have lived with and loved all different types of dogs.


After graduating from college, I decided to move back to sunny California and followed my longtime passion and founded A Bark Idea.

I am CCPDT and ABC certified dog trainer. Being certified is important to me, so I am able to provide the best education to dog owners, and help train puppies and dogs to help them be the best pups they can be! I am so proud of this safe, positive and happy home away from home I have created for dogs.


Hi, I’m Kelsey! To say I am a dog lover is an understatement. I was surrounded by pups growing up and naturally have always had a huge place in my heart for dogs. My entire childhood I would tell people I wanted to be a veterinarian because I knew I was set on working with animals. I hadn’t known at the time there were more opportunities out there to work with dogs!

Years ago, I reached out to Cami to see if she needed extra help with the pups, little did I know that it would lead me to my dream job! Working with dogs is unlike any other job – all the pups are always so happy to see you and every day is different. It’s an added bonus that my senior dog, Charlie, gets to join me at work everyday! By being part of the growth of A Bark Idea, I have met and formed such special relationships with so many dogs and their humans. I am excited to continue to grow A Bark Idea and be able to offer a safe place for puppies and dogs to learn, have a fun day in the sun, and call home when their owners are away.


Hey, I'm Justin. Before joining the awesome team at A Bark Idea, I had a career in Aerospace. I enjoyed it, but nothing can compare to spending my day with a bunch of happy dogs! My favorite part of the job is definitely during drop offs - the pups coming inside can hardly contain their excitement! I'm looking forward to growing with A Bark Idea and making all kinds of new furry friends.

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